About Us

What’s In The Name

“Solutions” is not just a name on our logo. It’s who we are.

Everything about the Rent Solutions experience is to bring ease of transportation to our customers lives. We aim to be passionate, helpful and fully dedicated in everything that we do.


To provide ultimate customer experience by providing technically superior employees but also personnel who cherish our core value with the customer in the center.


To be the leading company in the rental cars market in the Gulf not just by offering top-notch logistics solutions but as well as providing the customer with a ready service for diverse cultures.

Why Choose Us

Numerous Selection

Rent Solutions have a numerous selection of automobiles starting from sedans to SUV’s all the way to single cabin pickups, vans, truck and buses.

Hundreds of Clients

Serving hundreds of clients from personal need to Corporate and Ministries.

Fully Covered

Provides fully covered comprehensive insurance, personal accident insurance coverage and have no hidden charge policy.

Genuine Offers

Create and provide genuine offers, customized and tailor-made solutions suited for one’s needs.

Provides you a recovery

Provides you a recovery and breakdown support, roadside assistance for flat tire changing, battery boosting, spare key and fuel delivery.

Experience the tailored Possibilities

with INCREASING number of VEHICLES Serving more than 15 Ministries in Qatar

Our Prestigious Clients